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Find centralized, trusted content and collaborate around the technologies you use most. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. Is there some way I can package this into a. So I can just do something like this? The solution I’ve used is Roger Wang’s node-webkit. This is a fantastic way to package nodejs apps and distribute them, it even gives you the option to “bundle” the whole app as a single executable.

It supports windows, mac and linux. Here are some docs on the various options for deploying node-webkit apps, but in a nutshell, you do the following:. Same app runs on windows, mac, linux and over the web. Update: the project name has changed to ‘nw. There a few alternatives, both free and commercial. I haven’t used any of them but in theory they should work:. Most will require you to keep the batch file as main executable, and then bundle node. Depending on your script, you also have the option to port it to JSDB , which supports an easy way to create executables by simply appending resources to it.

Then you can create. This setup can be automated with a batch file, vb script or installer. For anyone stumbling upon this question, there are now two projects that create exes out of your node projects, Pkg and Electron.

It is very easy to use much more than Nexe, just as an example , you can just install in globally: npm install -g pkg. By default, Windows associates.

If you type script. This may be solving a local problem with a global setting , but you could associate. Of course, if—like me—you’ve associated. You could also add a right-click menu entry of “Execute with Node” to. The simplest solution is probably to just use a batch file — you don’t have to have a copy of Node in the folder your script resides in. Just reference the Node executable absolutely:. So if you name the resulting EXE “app. Note the C bootstrapper app will immediately exit, leaving Node in charge of the console window.

Since this is probably of relatively wide interest, I went ahead and made this available on GitHub , including the compiled exe if getting in to vans with strangers is your thing. At the time of this writing, this is the end-all solution for packaging node.

There are a lot of good answers here, but they’re not all as straightforward as JXcore. This will produce a. I have made a new project called node-compiler to compile your Node. It is better than disclose in that it never runs slowly for the first time, since your source code is compiled together with Node. Additionally, it redirect file and directory requests transparently to the memory instead of to the file system at runtime.

So that no source code is required to run the compiled product. EncloseJS is proprietary licensed and charges money when used while Node. Asar keeps the code archive and the executable separate while Node. I’m recommending you BoxedApp for that.

It is a commercial product that working very well. It works for any NodeJS app. The end-user will get just one EXE file for your app. No need for installation. When you use it, be sure to add Node. EXE to the compiled app. Choose a node version that supports Windows XP If you need this.

Sometimes your app has files dependencies, so in BoxedApp you can add any folder and file as a dependency, for example, you can insert a settings file. I did find any of these solutions met my requirements, so made my own version of node called node2exe that does this. I’ve been exploring this topic for some days and here is what I found.

Options fall into two categories:. Here is a good comparison between them: NW. I think NW. There are also some standalone executable and installer builders like Enigma Virtual Box. They both contain an embedded version of Chrome which is unnecessary for server apps. Nexe : create a single executable out of your node. In this category, I believe node-compiler is better which supports dynamic require and native node modules.

It’s very easy to use and the output starts at 25MB. You can read a full comparison with other solutions in Node Compiler page. I didn’t read much about Nexe, but for now, it seems Node Compiler doesn’t compile the js file to binary format using V8 snapshot feature but it’s planned for version 2.

It’s also going to have built-in installer builder. Got tired of starting on win from command prompt then I ran across this as well. Slightly improved ver. This uses an XML file to grab a few settings. For example the path to Node. Also the environment to load production, dev etc that you have specified in your app. You do this by modifying the “mode” element in the config. Note in the Post Build events you can modify the copy paths to auto copy over your config.

Otherwise edit these out or your build will throw a warning. You can play with it. Currently, I think the way to go is deno. Existing node projects may need some sort of conversion, at least for require statements convert node projects to deno. There is an opensource build tool project called nodebob. I assume that working platform windows,. Create a node virtual environment using nodeenv install using python -m pip install nodeenv make using python -m nodeenv envname. Create a. There you go.

Stack Overflow for Teams — Start collaborating and sharing organizational knowledge. Create a free Team Why Teams? Learn more. How to make exe files from a node. Ask Question. Asked 10 years, 7 months ago. Modified 5 months ago.

Viewed k times. I have a node app that I wrote, that I run as follows: node. Aishwar Aishwar 8, 9 9 gold badges 57 57 silver badges 77 77 bronze badges. Possible dupe: stackoverflow. This appears to be part of a Duplicate Pool: stackoverflow. A good list of tools is here: stackoverflow. I think anyone adding answer here really needs to consider if it’s already been done. Add a comment. Sorted by: Reset to default. Highest score default Date modified newest first Date created oldest first.

Here are some docs on the various options for deploying node-webkit apps, but in a nutshell, you do the following: Zip up all your files, with a package. Clayton Gulick Clayton Gulick 8, 2 2 gold badges 34 34 silver badges 26 26 bronze badges. Just tried it, worked great! And it’s supported by people at Intel.

This should be the correct and most current answer as of today. See also the node webkit cheatsheet here: gist. I like this answer, however this still does not create a standalone exe.


4 Methods to Fix Microsoft Setup Bootstrapper Has Stopped Working.


Enjoy smoother transitions between screens with introduced content placeholders. When Plesk loads application cards as well as Composer and Artisan sections, you can now see their rough skeletons. Multiple UX improvements. Learn more about this improvement. As soon as the Plesk administrator creates the second webspace, they now see a hint on how to switch between webspaces. Made the transitions between domain cards smoother by introducing content placeholders: when Plesk loads a domain card, users now see its rough skeleton.

PPP If Plesk has a subscription with the limit on domain aliases or subdomains set to zero, this no longer prevents the Plesk administrator from creating domain aliases and subdomains in the Plesk interface. PPPM Specifying empty values of panel. Plesk Migrator 2. Laravel Toolkit 1. UX improvements. Social Login 1. Git 2. To use deferred execution of custom deployment actions via the CLI, run the following commands: run deploy without custom deployment actions for repository “repo-example” on domain “example.

Slave DNS Manager 1. Plesk Email Security 1. Ruby 1. SSL It! Such certificates can not be installed in Plesk. Monitoring 2. To see the CLI commands, run plesk ext monitoring –cloud. Docker 1. This screen provides additional domain creation options: Create a blank site. Create a WordPress site. Connect a Git repository. Import website from another hosting.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Servers 8. Windows The extension now works in Plesk version Extensions Catalog 1. DigitalOcean DNS 1.

In Plesk for Linux, it is now possible to manage Node. The extension now automatically cleans up the downloaded archives of minor Node.

Site Import 1. Advisor 1. To continue receiving WordPress Toolkit updates with bugfixes and new features, please update your Plesk installation to version Plugin search in the plugin installation dialog now properly works with space characters.

Email notifications about found vulnerabilities now include information about vulnerabilities found in inactive plugins and themes. WordPress Toolkit now uses correct PHP version for additional domain if docroot of this domain contains docroot of another domain. Note: the support for PHP 8. Make sure you have updated the plugin to version 1. Special thanks to Perfmatters team for helping with this issue quickly.

Google PageSpeed Insights 2. Let’s Encrypt 3. Mail Log Browser 1. Toolkit 2. For details and usage examples, run the plesk ext joomla-toolkit –help command. Improved handling of runtime exceptions. Improved the installation and update process for Joomla! The extension works in Plesk Obsidian Nextcloud 1.

Resolved compatibility issues with Grafana version 8. The extension can now connect to source servers that have old versions of OpenSSH even if the servers do not provide correct information on key hashing algorithms. Linux Updated PHP 7. Updated Redis to version 5. Updated Xdebug to version 3. Updated Imagick to version 3.

Updated ionCube loader to version For details, see Plesk Lifecycle Policy. Let’s Encrypt 2. We do not plan to update the fork unless any essential security fixes are necessary. We will introduce major changes updating only the master branch for Plesk Obsidian If you need to add a detached site back for some reason, find and remove the.

Block author scans and Enable bot protection security measures no longer break WordPress sites installed in a subdirectory. The extension can now be installed on Ubuntu 20 servers running on ARM-based platforms. PHP Composer 1. Sectigo SSL 1. Linux Updated Redis to version 5. DigiCert SSL 1. To see the CLI commands, run plesk ext monitoring –help. Internal improvements. Reduced page load time for the Domain Overview screen. Improved the Plesk UI related to tasks in progress to make it more appealing and easier to use.

This will make adding multiple domains easier for people who routinely changed the default usernames, passwords, or IP addresses during domain creation.

The SSH Terminal extension now shows a helpful pop-up with instructions if it is unable to connect for example, because the ssh service is not running or because root login is prohibited.

Repair Kit 1. PPP We strongly recommend that you update Plesk. PHP 8. You can set up how often Plesk deletes them for example, every 30 days in the server-wide settings. Plesk Mobile Center 1.

It is now possible to configure the list of certificates available for purchase only by enabling and disabling the Sectigo and DigiCert extensions in the Extension Catalog. Extension Catalog 1. These notifications can be configured in the same place as other similar notifications.

Autoupdate policies for sites were extended to include automatic updates of vulnerable assets, and automatic disabling of vulnerable plugins. Site vulnerability check now correctly identifies and marks assets that remain vulnerable after they were updated. Completely overhauled the UI to make it modern and more convenient. The last commit information is now correctly updated after pulling updates without the need to refresh the page.

Google Workspace 1. Which Plesk versions will it affect? If your Plesk version is How and when will the change go into effect in Plesk The context promos window on the Mail tab now shows the correct number of offers for the Plesk Premium Email extension. Sites with known vulnerabilities are marked in the site list. Detailed information about found vulnerabilities is displayed in a separate tab of the Security window for each site.

Blocklist feature now works with CLI operations. Updates are no longer checked for blocked plugins. Manually launched scan procedure now works much faster. Improved the cleanliness of Smart Updates: the procedure should not leave empty folders behind anymore. Improved the performance of installing and removing WordPress sites on servers with a lot of connected databases.

Improved the performance of Action Log when working with very large log files. Smart Update results page opened via the link in the notification email now works properly. We strongly recommend that you update Plesk. SSH Terminal 1. Domain Traffic Monitor 1. Now SSL It! Now Plesk automatically removes information about OCSP stapling from the configuration file of the domain web server when unassigning a certificate from the domain. Previously it happened when updating SSL It!

EXTPLESK Updated the text of the links in the notification shown when a user runs out of domains they can monitor for free to prevent possible confusion. Reduces the backup creation time by up to 2x fast , and by up to 4x fastest , based on the compression level.

Changed the product list. The extension now supports the Pay-As-You-Grow licensing model. For example, users can now choose the desired number of seats by themselves. Linux Updated Imagick to version 3. We have spotted this issue in Plesk Obsidian Git 1. To manage the extension settings, use the panel. The plesk ext monitoring –thresholds –set-from-json command no longer overrides all the threshold values but only those that have been set.

Google Authenticator 1. Addendio – WordPress Plugins and Themes 1. It was a legacy one and caused numerous JavaScript errors.

The extension will be disabled on all Plesk installations and removed from the Extension Catalog. Instead of the extension, use WordPress Toolkit, which is installed in Plesk by default.

SEO Toolkit 1. You can turn on and off the Monitoring integration as many times as you need. Note: Monitoring works in Plesk Obsidian Microsoft Azure DNS 1. We have spotted this bug in Site Import version 1. Monitoring 1. Detected hardware changes no longer restore all the disabled thresholds to defaults.

When the limit is exceeded, Plesk will skip the Recycle Bin and automatically delete new files. The default value is 5 GB. Plesk automatically deletes files older than the specified number. Google Drive Backup 1. Backup Manager can use only files and folders it has created. Domain Connect 1. The extension can now determine without authentication if it supports a particular DNS template. The extension can no longer crash while configuring DNS records. Updated virus signatures to better detect viruses.

We have shortened the name but kept all the existing features of the extension and made internal improvements for the upcoming major release 2. This covers the following changes: Site-wide autoupdate policy now lets to choose between forcing all plugin or theme autoupdates like before , or allowing every plugin and theme to use their own autoupdate settings. When Defined individually update policy is selected, site admins can also choose to enable autoupdates by default for all new plugins or themes installed via WordPress Tookit.

Autoupdates for individual plugins and themes can be toggled on the respective Plugins and Themes tabs of the site card. It is now possible to log in to WordPress when the site is in maintenance mode. This behavior can be turned off via Restrict access to WordPress admin dashboard option in Maintenance Mode settings. Hotlink protection feature now allows site admins to configure which file extensions should be protected and which domains can be trusted.

Sets and global Plugins tabs now fully support the plugin blocklist feature. A new email notification about blocklisted plugins disabled by WordPress Toolkit is now available. Old log entries created before the update are still accessible in their old place via File Manager. The ability to download logs and access them via File Manager will be re-added in the next WordPress Toolkit update.

Sorry for the inconvenience! Security improvements. Performance improvements including faster site scanning process.

The extension now provides more detailed information about the process of issuing certificates. From October 12, , backing up to Google shared drives becomes unavailable because Google restricts access to user data.

Also, make sure your administrator has marked the Plesk Backup Corporate application as trusted. Fixed mailbox location detection for the move action. Dropbox Backup 4. The most popular category no longer includes the installed extensions. Minor internal improvements.

The Extension Catalog no longer shows the wrong price for the eCommerce Toolkit extension. When selecting a domain in search results in Power User view, the page automatically focuses on the required domain and the domain card is expanded.

The Recycle Bin functionality in the File Manager is turned on by default for all Plesk installations. Added the instructions for a number of popular registrars CloudFlare, Freenom, Papaki, ps. Improved the loading speed of File Manager.

Transitions between pages when navigating the Plesk interface are now more fluid. When creating a domain in Plesk, the progress bar is now shown in the same drawer. Improved the behavior of the top right toaster in Plesk to prevent notifications from overlapping. Updated the look and feel of drawers and dialogs in Plesk. Domains can now be sorted by Traffic usage in Service Provider view. PPPM When searching for content in File Manager and finding multiple files, it is now possible to open each individual file without restarting the search.

PPPM Searching for domains when using the Classic list in Power User view via global search now opens the card for the correct domain. PPPM Password reset email is now correctly sent when resetting the password for a user using the username. PPPM Information necessary for troubleshooting issues with backups is now being written to the backup logs.

PPP It is now possible to enable mail forwarding when logged in to Plesk under a mail user account. PPPM Pasting a domain name in the global search bar now immediately produces results with no need for additional button presses.

PPPM The Plesk database now stores the mailbox quota value correctly, which fixes multiple issues for example, occasional failures to reduce the mailbox quota. Versions 10, 12 and 14 are supported at the moment. To enable Node. JS application hosting, install the Node. JS extension. PPPM Improved mail logging to make troubleshooting mail-related issues easier. With this feature, all admins gain root access to the server. Learn how to disable root access.

Starting from September 15th, , the Mail Log Browser will be enabled by default. PPPM Plesk no longer tries to deliver mail sent to an alias of a mailbox if the mail service for the domain the mailbox belongs to is disabled. PI Fail2Ban is now started automatically after Plesk initialization. PPPM Plesk firewall no longer blocks IPv6 neighbor discovery without multicast listener query in some environments. PPPM Web statistics for websites using nginx as proxy are now calculated correctly on Plesk servers with Apache piped logs enabled.

PPPM Windows Running the plesk repair web command for a single domain no longer results in all domains with hosting being repaired. Updated sw-engine PHP to version 7. Windows Updated MariaDB to version Updated ASP. NET Core 5. NET Core 3. NET Core 2. Imagick to version 3. Improved security of the systemd unit for PHP 7. Action Log 1. Now users can do the following: Use the search. Filter items by a range of IP addresses, by actions, and by changed fields.

When a user enters an incorrect IP address, the error message now appears at the top of the page. Adding plugin slugs to this blocklist will prevent site admins from installing or activating these plugins via WordPress Toolkit.

If these plugins are installed through other means, they will be found and deactivated by WordPress Toolkit with extreme prejudice. Site admins can verify checksums of WordPress core files if they suspect their site is infected by malware.

They can also reinstall WordPress core without affecting site content. The wp-cli utility was updated to version 2. Cloning and Smart Updates now properly handle popular caching plugins. Users can see WordPress Toolkit log entries that happened before and after a filtered log entry by clicking the Show in context icon located to the right of the filtered entry.

WordPress Toolkit now assigns the corresponding database to a site after installation or cloning. Update process for multiple items now works significantly faster due to skipping many unnecessary operations, most of which are too embarrassing to mention here. Smart Update procedure itself also works a bit faster in a number of cases. Smart Update procedure now provides detailed information about which. Detection of PHP versions was improved for WordPress installations accessible via several different domains.

Error handling and reporting related to PHP 8 was improved. Email notifications sent by WordPress Toolkit now include server hostname in message subject for easier identification. Added the extension tab to the left navigation pane in Power User and Service Provider views. Plesk eCommerce Toolkit 1.

Users can now try out the store features without any limitations for 14 days. PPPM panel. PMT Plesk Migrator no longer incorrectly reports errors during post-check after migrating one or more DNS records containing long text fields.

PMT Migrating a subscription with the mail service disabled no longer results in the mail service being enabled on the destination server. Clicking it opens a drawer where users can easily view and change access information for FTP accounts and databases.

This should make the customer creation workflow faster and easier. This should make these features easier to locate and access. Mail Autodiscover is no longer supported for Microsoft Outlook and O versions. These mail clients use Microsoft proxy servers for autodiscover requests , and this configuration is not is supported in Plesk.

Added password validation to the plesk bin database-server CLI utility. It is no longer possible to set database server password containing non-printable characters which caused issues with web statistics generation. PPPM Setting the number of automatic replies Plesk can send to a unique email address per day to more than no longer results in an error.

PPPM Trying to create a domain when the maximum number of domains allowed by the Plesk license or the reseller plan has already been reached no longer results in a blank screen. Added the ability to check the statuses of all emails sent to and from a Plesk server by reviewing the maillog and filtering by date, source, or any string pattern. To use this feature, install the Mail Log Browser extension. Added the option to automatically remove emails forwarded from a mailbox in Plesk.

The feature is disabled by default. The cron package can now be replaced with systemd-cron on servers with Plesk using the OS package manager. Dovecot now reloads the configuration files instead of restarting whenever a mail certificate is renewed.

The default chroot settings are no longer changed after updating Plesk to the latest version. PPPM The plesk repair utility no longer fails on file system check if the virtual host directory has been changed.

PPPM Running the plesk repair utility no longer results in a misleading suggestion to repair incorrect permissions if the virtual host directory has been changed. PPP Restoring a password-protected subscription backup created on another Plesk server no longer fails if the correct password is provided. Linux Updated sw-engine PHP to version 7. Updated Updated Dovecot and Pigeonhole to versions 2.

Updated phpMyAdmin to version 5. Windows Updated plesk-engine PHP to version 7. Updated Node. Updated Git for Windows to version 2. Updated MailEnable Standard to version The extension now shows more details about issuance of Sectigo certificates. EXTSSLIT If webmail was created as an individual domain, the automatic renewal of the certificates can no longer mistakenly reassign the certificate of the main domain to webmail. In Plesk on CloudLinux, fixed an error due to which all domains on the server could become unavailable.

Separate Smart Updates details log is now saved in the logs directory. This log is overwritten every time a new Smart Update procedure is launched. The interface includes filtering, real-time updates, and log rotation settings.

Users can now hover their mouse over the website screenshot to see the date and time when it was made. New CLI command for setting or resetting WordPress administrator password is available: –site-admin-reset-password.

Setting a new password is possible via environment variable. On a related note, email notifications are now sent to server administrators by default. Reduced the number of unnecessary screenshots made by the screenshotting service. Site list now loads faster, especially if you have multiple sites. Mass operations on large number of sites now start much faster than before. Site card list has undergone selective cosmetic surgery. No major changes, just a bit of loving polish.

Advanced Monitoring 1. When you install Advanced Monitoring now, Plesk will prompt you to install the Grafana extension as well and show the button you need to click to automatically install the extension. PMT Now all valid secret keys are taken into account when importing websites. Migrating From Plesk Obsidian for Linux Not all settings may be migrated. PMT Replaced the missing warning.

Amazon Route 53 2. The extension now reissues a certificate that secures a cloned Plesk instance after the Plesk hostname was changed during cloning.

Cloning backend was fully redesigned for improved security and performance. Replacement cronjobs are now way less strict in regards to user modifications.

If WordPress Toolkit cannot find its cronjob, it will not try to recreate the cronjob, concluding that it was knowingly modified or removed by user. If any issues are found, WordPress Toolkit provides a suggestion on how to fix them.

Added installation state as a separate column to the CLI site list output. Improved pagination on website list. Progress display in windows was standardized and unified for better experience. Various warnings and notifications related to problematic PHP versions were improved and made more consistent. Cloning can now properly handle URLs with encoded forward slash in database tables.

Opinions vary on whether this was a user trolling algorithm or a split personality algorithm. Plesk for Linux Change file permissions recursively. Plesk for Windows has always supported that.

File Manager can now display SVG files. Improved the interface of Dynamic List view. It is now easier to distinguish one domain card from another because we made the separating lines more distinct. Reduced the domain creation time by four seconds. To achieve this, we split the mail service creation into a separate task.

Plesk now automatically fills in the system user name and password boxes. We have also removed the password confirmation box. PPPM Disabling the domain resolution check in panel. PPPM The window shown after closing the Change View item in the left navigation pane now contains a correct text instead of placeholders.

PPPM It is no longer possible to cause the Plesk database inconsistency by deleting an IP address assigned to a subscription without hosing. This feature is now available in the SSL It! It is now possible to migrate Plesk PMT The extension can no longer migrate additional users to a wrong subscription that belongs to the same owner. PMT It is now again possible to migrate subscriptions that belong to one hosting plan. PMT Migration no longer fails if the dump import was finished with the error code It is now again possible to migrate cPanel servers with Perl version 5.

PMT The extension no longer limits the user name length of password-protected directories to 20 characters. PMT The extension now correctly detects the remoteip Apache module. EXTGIT Windows In Plesk for Windows, creating a repository for a domain no longer fails if the system user password of the subscription the domain belongs to contains special characters.

Added a link to the extension to the left navigation pane in Power User mode. Updated links to the documentation. Improved an error message shown in the panel. Added the hostname value to an error message shown if an invalid hostname is detected. We spotted this bug in the extension version 1. G Suite 1. Updating Grafana to version 7. This improvement comes into effect as soon as the SSL It! Transfer of DNS Records 1. Administrator and resellers can now import DNS zones for all domains they have permissions for, not just domains they own.

Improved the UI text. A link to the extension was added to the left menu in Power User mode. OneAll Social Login 1. Amazon RDS 1. The button was absent from the reseller interface starting with Plesk Obsidian Users can now change their domain control validation DCV method via the Sectigo web interface.

WordPress Toolkit now supports new autoupdate defaults introduced in WordPress 5. Autoupdate settings on new WP 5. Existing WordPress installations updated to version 5. New WordPress 5. Existing WordPress installations updated to 5. The only exception to both these cases is complete disabling of all autoupdates, which will still require WordPress Toolkit to add the constant to wp-config.

This constant will be added only after site admin has explicitly modified WordPress autoupdate settings. WordPress Toolkit now tries its best to create site screenshots for quarantined and otherwise unsupported sites.

Site list loading speed was increased. WordPress sites with very long rows in the database can now be properly cloned. Fixed PHP notifications in log files. Resetting the list of certificate products to the default value via the CLI no longer fails. Note : A change of the number restarts Amavis and Postfix. Added the forced expiry check call the –force-expire option to the daily Bayes train cron. The call forces the database sync and the expiry run.

Amazon S3 Backup 1. EXTSSLIT If a domain is without hosting and the mail service is disabled, the extension interface now shows the link to configure the mail settings to secure webmail with a certificate. Plesk Migrator no longer tries to migrate content of disabled mail accounts. PMT Improved mail migration stability. The extension now provides the ability to do the following: Describe organization entities. Connect all previously implemented entities in the extension to user entities in Grafana.

Internal and performance improvements. Diskspace Usage Viewer 2. This improvement will be gradually turned on by default for all Plesk Obsidian installations. Updated the cacert. Fixed handling of the response from the new API version in the scheduled task. It is now possible to choose which theme should be activated upon the installation of a set. As a bonus, similar functionality is now also available for plugins in sets.

WordPress Toolkit now fully supports plugins and themes with underscore symbol in their name. CentOS 8 support was added. CloudLinux 8 support was added. Rules added by WordPress Toolkit to web server config files now have short descriptions explaining what they do. WordPress site management interface is now expanded by default after a site is installed or cloned. Checkbox for selecting all sites in the list no longer looks always selected if WordPress Toolkit license is not available.

Now users will see a better-looking placeholder! Updated ioncube loaders to version Customers now receive more detailed information about DigiCert organization validation process. My Start Page 1. If you still encounter database connection issues, then disable enforcing mode in SELinux. Service plans now have the option to limit the number of backups allowed for each WordPress site. Website autoupdate tasks will no longer be accidentally skipped in certain rare cases.

On a side note, why would somebody do this?! PMT Improved the interface error reporting when config. Added iOS 14 support. Added Android 11 support. Added FaceID support. Domains can now be sorted by name. Push notifications are now enabled by default.

If SSL It! Fixed the incorrect description that said otherwise. PMT Email messages migrated twice are no longer displayed as source code. The extension now shows the corresponding message and suggests installing SSL It!.

EXTCERT Optimised the update task for the statistics calculation to avoid database timeout locks on servers with high mail traffic. No need to worry, though, as the new UI for managing WordPress sites is a logical evolution of the old UI based on newer technologies. Site administrators will find themselves in a fresh-yet-familiar interface with increased focus on site updates, better UX, improved performance and responsiveness.

WordPress Toolkit Lite experience applicable for owners of Plesk Web Admin edition has been redesigned to prettify it and make it more uniform across different screens. Branding of default maintenance mode template was updated.

It now mentions being powered by WordPress Toolkit instead of Plesk. Restoration of backup files no longer fails if they contain some files with read-only permissions. Shortcode names are still compared. Unsurprisingly, the hint is: turn off pop-up blocker on this page if you want to log in to WordPress via WPT. Users can now trigger the installation manually from the interface. A new Amavis package is installed automatically on CentOS servers in an update from version 1.

Improved how custom email folders are loaded for the user-specific selection list. WordPress Toolkit 4. To enhance security, Plesk now generates a random prefix for a temporary server hostname. Dropped support for the File Sharing feature. File Sharing is no longer available in Plesk Obsidian by default. Dynamic List view now shows a number of subdomains and domain aliases if any and a number of pages they occupy.

Increased the load speed of Dynamic List view. Improved the look of the empty list of Plesk UI notifications. Backup Manager now considers content errors to be warnings and proceeds with backup restoration.

Backup Manager now sends the information about all occurred issues to the email address configured in the scheduled backup task. Failures to dump subscription databases are now regarded as important issues because they prevent subscriptions from being fully restored. Previously it could be occasionally incorrect. Learn more about mitigating the symlinks vulnerability. Made integration with phpMyAdmin more robust.

Updated sw-engine to version 2. Under specific circumstances, Plesk no longer fails to detect the main IP address on the server. The field now completely displays large values. PPPM Improved a confirmation message shown when plesk repair ftp can remove an orphaned system user. PPPM A domain alias can no longer point to a subdomain instead of the main domain. PPP It is no longer possible to create a subdomain with the webmail prefix for example, webmail.

Customers can no longer log in to mail using Horde IMP with an incorrect case password. See more details in this KB article.

Updated Postfix to version 3. Windows ionCube Loader Updated BIND to version 9. Updated MariaDB to version Updated libcurl to version 7. By default, SSL It! Site backup files are included in subscription backups by default, so site administrators can use Plesk Backup Manager functionality like scheduled backups or backing up to cloud for further processing.

Updated and improved multiple text messages shown in the product. Updating WordPress to version 5. Improved the SSL It! Updated ionCube loader for PHP 7. Updated libwebp to version 1. Improved the bulk process result message if errors occur during the long task process.

It can be accessed through the plesk ext wp-toolkit –update-site-url command. CLI utility for managing various wp-config. It can be accessed through the plesk ext wp-toolkit –wp-config command.

This change is not applied automatically: to enforce it, reapply the measure on required websites. The backup process now correctly calculates server space necessary for a backup by ignoring files configured to be skipped during backing up. Repair Kit can now detect and fix the database inconsistency: missing entries in IpAddressesCollections.

Improved the picture and text shown when the Plesk UI notification pane is empty. Plesk Migrator supports migration from Ubuntu 16 and 18 to Ubuntu If the option is enabled, Plesk fixes incorrect sender headers and the envelope-sender address for outgoing mail. Update to Plesk Obsidian Updated PHP used by Plesk to version 7. In Plesk on CentOS 8. PPPM Nginx configs are now removed after nginx support was disabled.

Web now works without a license key installed when TLSv1 is disabled for sw-cp-server. PPPM The list of static files served directly by nginx now contains the webp extension. PPP If the submitted text of the mailbox quota warning is too long, Plesk now informs that this text cannot be longer than characters.

The remote backup may not be restored. PPPM Mass email messages can now be sent if no template is used and only selected customers are chosen. Updated Kronolith to version 4. Windows Updated ASP. Updated Horde to version 5. The extension can now migrate large mailboxes more than 2 GB to SmarterMail at a time. Fixed the following issues that could occasionally happen if the target mail server uses IMAP to restore mail for example, SmarterMail or later : Texts of email messages were not migrated completely.

Errors occurred when the emails were restored on the target mail server. PMT Migration now works if the source server has freshly installed cPanel of the latest version. PHP Composer Advisories 1. The rule set from Comodo can now be activated. If panel. Windows If SmarterMail is selected as a webmail client, webmail can now be secured. Redis to version 5. PEAR components: Pear to version 1. Expired tokens are now removed faster from the acme-challenge directory on servers with a large number of domains.

If the backup is indeed invalid, an error message is shown and the corresponding entry is written to a log. The time synchronization settings are not available. Connection to the server might be interrupted the first time the Plesk Firewall rules are activated. PMT Emails migrated to SmarterMail no longer have their sending and delivery dates replaced with the date of migration in the SmarterMail web interface.

It is now possible to set thresholds in MB and GB instead of bytes which was previously the single option. The memory usage graph in Plesk for Windows now shows more available metrics. Units on the y-axis are now displayed more accurately: the fractional part is no longer rounded.

The extension now works with Composer 1. The Composer utility shipped with the extension is now automatically updated by default. The extension can now secure webmail on domains without web hosting.

To see details, use the plesk ext sslit —help command. We suggest that users renew the certificate manually in due time. Additional fix was added for the issue previously addressed in WPT 4.

CLI command for enabling and disabling Smart Updates on a site was added. Run plesk ext wp-toolkit –smart-update to access it. Plugins and themes that require a license for automatic update will now cause a proper error message when users try to update them via WordPress Toolkit without a license. PPP Plesk Obsidian can be now updated to version PPPM Hosting settings can now be changed if the sysuser login has more than 20 characters.

The extension can now handle bit DKIM keys. Plesk Welcome Guide 1. Increased requirement to Replaced Toggle Button with Switch element for status change. Updated copyright year. Fixed inconsistencies found in the Plesk database before initializing Plesk. Also, some of the gloomier old names were changed to more positive ones for the sake of cheering people up a bit.

Updated the destination of Changelog links on the Updates screen. Note that certain plugins and themes do not support automatic updates, but display notifications about update availability anyway. WordPress administrators now have the option to disable the execution of wp-cron. Enabling this option will automatically create a regular scheduled task in Plesk, which means users can manually adjust the frequency of wp-cron.

Reduced the number of screenshot creation timeouts. Exterminated redundant backslashes in non-English email notifications. Still, we do not recommend using RocketLoader with Plesk, as not only it will not speed up UI rendering, but may slow it down and cause UI to flicker.

The previous way of customization via panel. The corresponding panel. If you used customization via panel. The extension now uses the same CA bundle that comes with Plesk. The check is no longer relevant. Other internal fixes. PMT If the protected directory name contains the dot. The extension now automatically secures both and ports during Plesk Obsidian installation. Plesk now detects such issues, does not migrate the database, and shows a warning message. PMT Migration from cPanel no longer fails if a password of the source database server is enclosed in single quotes.

Note that a number of limitations exist. It is now possible to check for Plesk updates on the Home screen. Users from areas embargoed under Internal Export and Sanctions Compliance Policy can no longer use Plesk with a trial license. When the users proceed with a trial license, they see a message that Plesk is not currently available in their regions. Existing Plesk servers that were updated to Plesk Obsidian Removed the Cloudflare from Plesk Autoinstaller.

Retrieving keys now works correctly a Bad Gateway error is no longer shown on servers with a large number of customers, resellers, or additional users more than PPPM Customers and additional users can no longer create subscriptions. PPPM A database user whose password is encrypted can now import and export the domain database after providing the database password. PPPM The plesk bin pleskbackup server –exclude-domain command can now again exclude domains from a server backup.

The main IP address is now correctly detected even under specific IP configurations. PPPM It is now possible to restore backups that have a mailing list without its owner. Existing node projects may need some sort of conversion, at least for require statements convert node projects to deno. There is an opensource build tool project called nodebob.

I assume that working platform windows,. Create a node virtual environment using nodeenv install using python -m pip install nodeenv make using python -m nodeenv envname. Create a. There you go. Stack Overflow for Teams — Start collaborating and sharing organizational knowledge.

Create a free Team Why Teams? Learn more. How to make exe files from a node. Ask Question. Asked 10 years, 7 months ago. Modified 5 months ago. Viewed k times. I have a node app that I wrote, that I run as follows: node. Aishwar Aishwar 8, 9 9 gold badges 57 57 silver badges 77 77 bronze badges. Possible dupe: stackoverflow. This appears to be part of a Duplicate Pool: stackoverflow. A good list of tools is here: stackoverflow. I think anyone adding answer here really needs to consider if it’s already been done.

Add a comment. Sorted by: Reset to default. Highest score default Date modified newest first Date created oldest first.

Here are some docs on the various options for deploying node-webkit apps, but in a nutshell, you do the following: Zip up all your files, with a package. Clayton Gulick Clayton Gulick 8, 2 2 gold badges 34 34 silver badges 26 26 bronze badges.

Just tried it, worked great! And it’s supported by people at Intel. This should be the correct and most current answer as of today. See also the node webkit cheatsheet here: gist. I like this answer, however this still does not create a standalone exe. According to Intel and nw. How do you create a stand-alone exe? JeffBaker if you look down a bit in the docs on github, you can see this: github. Not sure if this is still a good approach in Show 1 more comment. MastAvalons 1, 1 1 gold badge 14 14 silver badges 23 23 bronze badges.

Ricardo Tomasi Ricardo Tomasi These look good and look like they can do what I want them to. I will give it a shot and get back to you. You can package the dependencies into the EXE file. Thanks for the help. Could get a bit slow, if you’ve got a lot of modules, though. Your source code will not be included. All platforms are supported now.

It now requires a licence for commercial products. Fully open source. The benefits are that electron is multi-platform Windows, macOS, Linux , the cons are that your source code WILL be included, even though they offer a way to distribute your app inside an asar archive. It will not be bulletproof but it’s still better than your source in plain. KetZoomer 2, 3 3 gold badges 12 12 silver badges 33 33 bronze badges. Edited comment! EncloseJS is the way to go. I’m going to be trying it right now!

Thanks for adding your answer! I cannot install EncloseJS. EncloseJS is not maintained any more. Join ” “, args ; proc. Community Bot 1 1 1 silver badge. As you mentioned, this doesn’t solve my issue in an ideal way. Aishwar, I’ve added a simple app that will launch Node for you. See edits. RicardoTomasi, no. It assumes Node is installed in your system’s Program Files directory where the installer puts it. But this is still not ideal, as it requires the user to have node.

Since this question has been answered, another solution has been launched. Edit: AppJS is no longer active, but itself suggests a fork called deskshell. Seems to be a broken link. This project is no longer active. See node-webkit for an alternative as mentioned by Clayton Gulick.

Appjs itself suggests an active fork called deskshell github. Once you have JXcore installed on windows, all you have to do is run: jx package app. Nepoxx Nepoxx 4, 5 5 gold badges 40 40 silver badges 60 60 bronze badges. Thanks mate. Can I make a linux executable from Windows? As far as I know, no, you can’t. I think JXCore grabs some files from the OS to make the executable, and it doesn’t package those files, so if you want to make a Linux executable, you’ll have to run this command on Linux.

JXcore has stopped development nubisa. All the links here are dead. This works: github. Pure CLI. Minqi Pan Minqi Pan 2, 2 2 gold badges 21 21 silver badges 26 26 bronze badges. Latest commit on Aug 30, 2 years ago. Aminadav Glickshtein Aminadav Glickshtein Try nexe which creates a single executable out of your node.

Dhrubo Dhrubo 1 1 gold badge 11 11 silver badges 32 32 bronze badges. Options fall into two categories: If you want to build a desktop app the best options are: 1- NW. Ali Ali Electron does not justify to be a valid suggestion for the OP’s issue; it is an entire different Node framework.

Great comparison! Haryono Haryono 1, 13 13 silver badges 11 11 bronze badges. Hidden; if env. Show ex. Wilk 7, 9 9 gold badges 46 46 silver badges 67 67 bronze badges. Rohit Luthra Rohit Luthra 1, 14 14 silver badges 26 26 bronze badges. Currently, I think the way to go is deno This is deno compile mainProgram.


javascript – How to make exe files from a app? – Stack Overflow.How do i fix microsoft setup bootstrapper has stopped working while installing > Ngolongtech

Apr 22,  · Replaced non-working link in Smart Updates notification email with a working one. (EXTWPTOOLK) When users install plugins or themes with known vulnerabilities, a corresponding entry about their vulnerabilities will be added to the action log. (EXTWPTOOLK) WordPress v and higher can be installed on a domain with PHP 知识兔()是一家集教育培训、在线教育、考试服务的平台。. Aug 30,  · There is no installcheck element in the bootstrapper package manifest shipped with Visual C++. Guess Microsoft wants to always install if you set it as a prerequisite. Of course you can still call MsiQueryProductState to check if the VC redist package is installed via MSI, The package code can be found by running. wmic product get.


Microsoft bootstrapper has stopped working project 2013 free

What is causing the ‘Microsoft setup boots-trapper had stopped working’ error? · 3rd party antivirus is preventing the installer from. On Registry Editor window, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE> SOFTWARE> Microsoft> Windows NT> CurrentVersion> AppCompatFlags. Back up this key .

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