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How to Cut and Crop in Affinity Designer | Design Bundles.DONUTS DEPT (ドーナツデプト: 会員のお店

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To allow for inaccuracies in the trimming process in professional printing, it’s a good idea to extend these elements beyond the ‘trim edge’ TrimBox , i. Bleed guides are a visual aid only which assist you in positioning ‘bleed’ elements typically images that you want to run to the edge of a trimmed page.

With bleed guides switched on, you can display the printable area extended by the Bleed distance you specify. For single pages, the terms ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ bleed are used, while for facing-page spreads the terms ‘Inner’ and ‘Outer’ are used. For the latter, Inner bleed is only relevant for first and last single pages or when exporting printing as single pages rather than spreads.

To set bleed for new documents: From the File menu, click New. Select the Bleed tab, and do one of the following: For different bleed values at single-page edges Facing pages unchecked : Set the Left , Right , Top , and Bottom bleed.

For different bleed values at two-page spread edges Facing pages checked : Set the Inner , Outer , Top , and Bottom bleed. For the same bleed value: Enable the Link symbol at right, and set any bleed value; all other values will update to this.

To modify your bleed settings: From the default context toolbar or File menu , select Document Setup. Change bleed values from the Bleed tab. To view bleed guides: From the View menu, select Show Bleed. The guides are shown as an outline that extends beyond the page edge by the chosen Bleed value.



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