Paintball Pistols – Pros and Cons

Paintball Pistols – Pros and Cons

Paintball guns are little pocket paintball weapons freely looking like guns. They are either siphon activity or self-loader terminating. They are normally .68 type and controlled by a 12 gram co2 powerlet or cartridge. They are most effectively utilized as a sidearm or back-up firearm to supplement a fundamental weapon of decision. There are advantages and disadvantages to conveying paintball guns when contrasted with standard paintball weapons.


Paintball guns are very light and versatile. They are exceptionally helpful in woodsball in light of the fact that they are minimal and can be kept in a pocket, bridle or holster.

They are profoundly flexibility empowering you to effortlessly move around corners and across the field more. They are valuable for those difficult  .243 ammo on the field that require speedy reactions and the capacity to shoot quick and hit hard.

Gun markers are great for dugout attacks and speedy quick in and out or intimidatory strategies. They make the ideal sidearm in a final hotel circumstance.

Most paintball guns are fast and simple to reload; Some take in a real sense seconds to drop and reload another magazine. This makes for a lot swifter activity on the field. They are exceptionally upgradeable and simple to dismantle and clean.


In view of their more limited barrels, paintball guns miss the mark on exactness of a decent rifle. Most guns perform best inside a 25-50 meter range. In the event that you want to fire further, a more extended barreled weapon is a superior choice. More limited barrels give paintballs less opportunity to balance out prior to leaving the firearm, which brings about less exactness over a more prominent distance.

Guns have a more modest ammo limit than standard paintball firearms. This leaves the player in a difficult spot against a rival.

Paintball guns have a more modest air limit and are not quite as strong as the more drawn out barreled markers. They are normally controlled by a 12 gram co2 cartridge. Contingent upon the weather patterns and how the gun is chrono’d, you can anticipate around 30 shots from one cartridge. This, once more, sets you in a difficult situation against a player with an all the more impressive weapon.

Paintball guns have their spot in the game. They are light weight, simple to deal with, exceptionally flexibility and speedy stacking. They are especially helpful in situation ball or woodsball as a productive sidearm. You should, nonetheless, know about their constraints and not expect similar execution from them as you would from a standard paintball marker.

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