Stun Gun VS Firearm

 Stun Gun VS Firearm

Street smarts for the Common People — Why have a stun Gun?

I was sitting out on my deck the other evening with a friend. Joe is a retired cop from Indiana .458 socom ammo  and I am a retired cop from Florida. I was telling Joe about the stun guns that I sell. Joe and I both have concealed firearm permits. Joe remarked that he didn’t need a stun gun because of his permit to carry a firearm. I asked Joe, ” where is your gun right now”? Joe looked at me kind of funny and said, “oh it’s in the glove box”. I remarked, it’s not going to do you any good there”!

Joe was wearing the popular “cargo shorts” and a t-shirt. He could have put a small gun in the big baggy pockets of the cargo pants, but, he didn’t. He went on to remark that everybody here can get a concealed firearm permit so easy, why would someone want a stun gun?

Joe was a perfect example. He had the permit but still was not packing a gun. In a confrontation with a criminal, how is Joe ever going to get to his gun? The confrontation with a purse snatcher, mugger or crazed maniac, its probably going to take place out on the sidewalk or parking lot. Every single case which I ever worked as a cop, whether the perpetrator was armed or unarmed, it took place in the parking lot when the victim was on their way back to their car. Even if it did happen in or near your car, is the perp going to wait while you open the glove box, remove all the junk that got piled on top of the gun, giving you time to get the gun and use it? I don’t think so!

OK so now you decide to carry the gun. Where do you put it? As a cop for 25 years, I found that carrying a gun off duty while in street clothes was just NOT practical. Especially in warm weather, where can you carry a gun? Your not wearing a coat, so a shoulder holster or belt holster doesn’t work. If you wear your shirt tail out, that may help some. Baggy cargo pants do offer an excellent place to conceal a gun. I guarantee you that you will be constantly worried that some one will notice the bulge and get sacred.

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